The last will of Vlll Grand Master Juliusz Nowina Sokolnicki of the Order of St.Stanislas was fulfiled and a burial of his ashes took place at the Sanctuary of Grievous Mother of God at the holy place of Kalkow - Godow.

Kalkow Godow was always the most loved place of the Grand Master and still is most respected by all chevaliers and dames of the Order ,who understand the reason behind it .
In the last road to Kalkow Golgota his ashes were accompanied by friends,but it was only the few (155) of many thousands who swore the oath of aligence to the Order of St.Stanislas on the day of investiture - help to the people in need as its states in the oryginal constitute charter established by the King of Poland and founder of the Order of St.Stanislas,Stanislaw August Poniatowski.

Many thanks to Father Rev.Czeslaw Wala for organizing burial ceremony and allowing ashes of the Grand Master to stay forever at Kalkow Golgota.